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Heat Restriction Air Canada

Heat Restrictions for Air Canada - AC

In an effort to streamline our processes and align ourselves with other current country regulations in effect, we have modified the reference threshold when assessing maximum temperature allowed for transportation of live animal shipments.
From now on, the maximum temperature limit for the transport of live animals shipments will be based on actual/true temperature and will exclude any reference to the possible additional effect of the “Humidex” factor.

Effective 16.06.2015 the heat restriction temperature is 29.5°C(85°F)

The Heat restriction applies to Warm Blooded Animals (mammals & Birds only) (*).

· Air Canada Cargo will not accept warm blooded animals on any flight whereby the actual temperature is equal to or higher than 29.5°C , excluding the “Humidex” factor humidity.
· Air Canada Cargo will not accept Brachycephalic Breeds(Snub Nose) of cats/dogs on any flight whereby the actual temperature is equal to or higher than 24°C, excluding the “Humidex” factor.

It is imperative that the temperature - actual or forecasted during the transportation of the shipment - at each station in the routing is verified prior to acceptance. If temperatures (actuals or forecasted) are equal to or exceed 29.5°, or 24°C for Brachycephalic Breeds specifically, at any of the stations in the routing the animal is not to be accepted and must be rebooked for the next available flight(s) when temperatures are within the acceptable limits.

(*) All cold blooded animals may be shipped provided the Shipper has followed the Container Requirements set out in the current edition IATA Live Animal Regulations.

Note: Under specific conditions and circumstances, some exceptions may be made to the Heat Restriction. All requests for exceptions must be directed to CNC 905.861.7471 or , who will assess and determine if any exception can be granted.

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