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Airline Tickets for Passengers & Pets

The PetDesk takes the following steps;

1. PetDesk will give you a rough estimate once form completed
2. If ok, the PetDesk will book the flight
3. Get the pet(s) authorization for the flight
4. Once ok is given, you have 24 hrs to confirm the ticket
5. PANPAY will initiate the invoice for credit card authorization
6. The e-ticket will be issued with your pets as excess baggage
7. The E-pouch document is included FREE


- All tickets & service with PAN Affiliates where possible
- Internet booking for pets is not possible
- Interlining or code sharing is not possible
- Online check-in with pets is not possible
- Some airlines do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold
- Some countries do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold

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