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South America export

Export Pets from South America

South America to Singapore / Australia and many other countries

Our South american PetDesk is now available for door to door export to any asian or pacific countries which demande a high level of logistics and difficult entry procedures. Our affiliates in South America and those in the United States make it possible for a stress free transfer. Coming from a rabies country into Australia is a 6 month timespan entry with an extensive battery of examens and vaccinations. The Petdesk will overview this transfer from any location in South America with the government vets, kennels, pick-up and airline transfers. Interested, then contact our South American PetDesk (southamerica(at) for further information.


- All tickets & service with PAN Affiliates where possible
- Internet booking for pets is not possible
- Interlining or code sharing is not possible
- Online check-in with pets is not possible
- Some airlines do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold
- Some countries do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold

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