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Summer in on its way and a huge amount of people will be sending their pets on different airlines, travelling with them in-cabin or in-hold. Feeling secure in the care you will give is well in the preparation of travel.

Many airlines have their own set of rules and regulations and once you have those taken care of, you need to see the particular rules and regulations for the country you are entering. Time consuming and every detail counts. Always prepare your pets prior to your tickets. Remember, booking your ticket online will not provide details and reserve your pet with you, you will need to do this yourself. Many during the summer find themselves stuck at check-in with their pets waiting to board when told they cannot take their pets with them. A situation which will cost dearly and change your entire summer travel.

Documents are always a trick, which one you need, do you need an import permit, do you need to go to the vet before leaving, when, where, questions that seem quite easy to answer but when it comes to the time, you discover you have much more criterias to complete, a true headache. Take time to research the country, the airline you are travelling with and see which documents you need. Our website provides much of this and will help you have the right ones. Being a member will keep you updated with these problems and help you worldwide even for your return.

Summer airlines also have embargoes, some will not carry during the high summer season due to temprature restrictions. This brings as well the importance of heat which can be very detrimental to your pets. Tarmac temperature go as high as 50 degres in some countries and many accidents happen during this time especially with pets subject to breathing problems. Our PTRA helps you assess this and make the necessary changes in order to safeguard your pet during this period.

The Pet Alliance Network (PAN), the first network of pet travel services representing the pet travel industrry in health, safety and care helps passengers feel comfortable in travelling with their pets in-cabin or in-hold and as well as animals travelling alone via manifest cargo. PAN has now been developing its network worldwide with members such as veterinarians, pet moving companies, pet taxi services, online shops and many more joining every months and consolidating our petdesk services to airline passengers. Our PetDesk is available for our passengers but as well as for our professional affiliates as we work in setting up general and common rules for documents, services and procedures to meet our objective of safety and care for all travelling pets.

Posted: February 18, 2017

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- All tickets & service with PAN Affiliates where possible
- Internet booking for pets is not possible
- Interlining or code sharing is not possible
- Online check-in with pets is not possible
- Some airlines do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold
- Some countries do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold

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