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This is just to make you aware that as of the 1st April the C5 will be replaced by "Transfer of Residency" (ToR) which the owners must apply for if they
wish to avoid paying VAT on arrival into the UK.

This is a computerized document and needs to be completed on line,
The link is

Once completed on line it can be sent by email to
Alternatively it can be posted to the address on the form but that will obviously take longer.

The application will take approximately 10-14 days (HMRC only work Monday - Friday) to be approved providing the applicant provides all of the relevant information / data that
Is required.

Once approved the applicant will be awarded unique declaration information that must be passed on to the clearing agent.

If a pet arrives into the UK without a ToR reference then VAT will need to be paid.
Owners can apply for retrospective ToR relief from HMRC and if a ToR reference is issued the VAT can be reclaimed, there is a time limit of 12 months from.The date of arrival for them to do this.

Posted: March 06, 2017

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- Internet booking for pets is not possible
- Interlining or code sharing is not possible
- Online check-in with pets is not possible
- Some airlines do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold
- Some countries do not accept pets in-cabin or in-hold

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