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Pet Reception
  Petmove Gland

Conciergerie for pets for Geneva & Vaud. Provides imports Zurich with deliveries

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ARC Geneva
  ARC Geneva

Animal Reception center for the Geneva airport. The ARC controls the sanitary and customs documents for all animals arriving into the Geneva airport.

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Vaud Canton
  Government Vaud

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  Government Bern

Switzerland is open to quite a large amount of type dogs and easygoing on regulations regarding owning an animal. The authority is OSAV/BLV in Bern

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Geneva Canton
  Government Geneva

Geneva airport main entry for pets into the canton of Geneva and Vaud

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Zurich Canton
  Government Zurich

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  Kennel Laconnex

Good kennels but must be early for reservation. Space runs out very very fast

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ACR International Mobility
  Relocation Geneva

Moving company from and to Switzerland

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  Petmove Geneva

A concierge service, can do customs clearance and delivery Zurich and Geneva for pets

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Geneva Airport
  Airport Geneva

Geneva 2nd port of entry for Switzerland has two animal stations, Cantonal for EU and Federal for tiers.

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  Airline Zurich

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Glatt Pierre-Alain
  Veterinarian Rolle

Veterinarian for exports based in Vaud

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  Veterinarian Bellevue

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PetDesk Europe
  Petmove Europe

PetDesk Europe is the european contact desk for France, Switzerland, Italy and all European countries

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Zurich airport
  Airport Zurich

Zurich airport port of entry for pets entering Switzerland.

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  Airport Basel

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  Airline Geneva

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  Airline Zurich

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Etihad Regional
  Airline Lugano

Regional airline within Switzerland. Pets can travel as excess baggage.

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Edelweiss Air
  Airline Zurich

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  Relocation Geneva

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tibbett + britten
  Freight Zurich Flughafen

Offered PET transport by air and customs clearance via Pro Air.

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World Freight Geneva
  Freight Geneva

Airfreight agent in Geneva for export of goods and a large experience in animal export.

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  Petaxi Zurich

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  Handling Zurich

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Chenil de la Lorelei
  Kennel Lausanne

Kenneling for Lausanne

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  Government Lausanne

Government veterinarian for export

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Chenil de Bex
  Kennel Bex

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Top Dog
  Beauty Geneva

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Walk My Doggie
  Petaxi Gilly

Walk my dog for any pet owners around Nyon and area and delivery to airport

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  Kennel Jura

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  Cattery Lausanne

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Chatterie du Point du jour
  Cattery Rolle

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Chat l'Heureux
  Cattery Lausanne

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Buser Jean-Claude
  Veterinarian Onex

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Jonction et Veterinaire
  Veterinarian Jonction

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Perrin Frei Danielle
  Veterinarian Echichens

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  Veterinarian Ecublens

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Cabinet Villereuse
  Veterinarian Geneva

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Mireille Piguet
  Veterinarian St-Prex

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Nortey Omaboe Dr
  Veterinarian Mies

views no104
Aebersold & Grossniklaus
  Veterinarian Kiesen

views no79
  Veterinarian Bex

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Altwegg Gilles
  Veterinarian Nyon

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Ammann Heinrich
  Veterinarian Embrach

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Anetzhofer Joseph
  Veterinarian Biel

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  Veterinarian Langnau

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Balcer & Berner
  Veterinarian Amriswil

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Balmer Samuel
  Veterinarian Eggiwil

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Barras Ja
  Veterinarian Sion

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