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Heathrow Animal Reception Center
  ARC Heathrow

Animal Reception Center for pets entering the UK

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United Kingdom
  Government London

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London Heathrow
  Airport Heathrow

Your Journey Starts Here.

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JCS Livestock
  Petmove London

Animal Reception for London Heathrow and primary BA.

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  Airport Edinburgh

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Pet Travel Services
  Petmove Scotland

Pet Travel Servicing Scotland

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Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic
  Veterinarian London

Veterinarian with LVI doctor for export

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Isle of Man IOM
  Airport Isle of Man

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Manchester International
  Airport Manchester

Animals may enter by Manchester on KLM, Icelandair, Flybe, Delta, Air Canada, Lufthansa

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  Airport Glasgow

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East Midlands EMA
  Airport East Midlands

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Robin Hood Airport
  Airport Doncaster

Pet entry is possible on Thomson Airways

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  Airport North Ireland

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Birmingham BHX
  Airport Birmingham

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Bristol Airport
  Airport Bristol

Pets may enter on My Travel airline only

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  Airport Aberdeen

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London Gatwick
  Airport Gatwick

Gatwick Airport a main entry point for pets into the UK

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London City
  Airport London

Animals may not enter via this airport. But exit is possible under certain conditions.

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London Luton LTN
  Airport London

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Belfast BHD
  Airport Belfast

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London Stansted STN
  Airport London

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British Airways
  Airline Harmondsworth

British airways covering the world for holiday or business. BA does not take pets in-cabin or in-hold as excess baggage. Only as manifest cargo.

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Eastern Airways
  Airline Humberside

Eastern Airways operates scheduled domestic and international services and private charter services from Humberside airport

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  Airline Luton

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  Airline Luton

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  Airline Glascow

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Monarch Airlines
  Airline Luton

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Virgin Atlantic Airways
  Airline Crawley

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  Airline Guernsey

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  Airline Lydd

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  Petmove London

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Passport for pets
  Petmove South East

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  Petmove South East

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  Petmove Yorkshire

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Par Air Services
  Petmove East Anglia

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PBS International
  Petmove South East

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PetAir UK
  Petmove South West

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Pets Abroad
  Petmove South East

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Pets on the Move
  Petmove Edinburgh

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  Petmove South East

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  Petmove North West

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  Petmove South East

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  ARC Edinburgh

Animal Reception Center for entry into Scotland or UK

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Animals at home
  Petmove West Midlands

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Anglo World Cargo
  Freight Yorkshire

views no100
White House Kennel
  Kennel Somerset

views no95
Blairadam Boarding Kennel & Cattery
  Kennel Scotland

views no66
Barmoodie Kennels & Cattery
  Kennel Scotland

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Goddard Veterinary Group
  Veterinarian Plaistow

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Goddard Veterinary Group
  Veterinarian Wanstead

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