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Mexico City

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Your pet must be in a fully closed kennel approved for air transportation, which should measure up to 17.5” long x 12” wide x 7.5” high. Your pet should be able to stand and move around.
o If you’re traveling with a dog, it can be in a soft or rigid kennel (fabric or plastic)
o If you’re traveling with a cat, the kennel must be rigid
o In both cases, kennels must comply with the specified measures and requirements
The kennel must fit under the seat in front of you. Your pet must not abandon it at any time during the flight. The kennel must be secured before boarding with a cable tie belt, which will be provided at the airport
Make sure to present the required documents to transport your pet for both domestic and international flights (vaccination certificate, deworming and health certificate), sign the responsive form at the airport counter, and pay the corresponding fee for this service
*Vaccination certificate including rabies shot (less than one year from the date the shot was given to the animal and at least 30 days before the flight date)
* Animal sanitary/health certificate (original and copy), expedited by a veterinarian, with validity for at least 5 days before the departing flight. In case you come back after the 5 days, you must present a new certificate that complies with the validity period.
You must go to the Volaris counters, where a Service Agent can check the documents and verify the kennel dimensions before your flight and to sign the responsibility letter

A maximum of two pets on board per flight, one per customer and one per kennel, are allowed
If you are traveling with your dog on board, you must travel in a window seat and you won’t be able to choose an emergency exit seat nor a first row seat
If you are traveling with a cat on board, you can only travel in the airplane’s last row window seat
Animals that are under 4 months or nursing, sick, violent, pregnant females, or traveling with unaccompanied minors are not allowed
Oxygen cannot be administered to the pet in case of an emergency
Animals that don’t fulfill the requirements for traveling on board must be checked
You can purchase this service during your booking process at, anytime in the Manage Your Booking section, at the airport counters, or by contacting our Call Center:

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