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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Hawaiian Airlines transports dogs and cats from the Mainland to Kahului, Maui (OGG) on non-stop flights under certain conditions. Customers must hold a "Kahului Airport Dog and Cat Inspection Permit" and fulfill requirements to participate in the State of Hawaii Direct Airport Release program.

Pet Reservations:

* Booking must be done through Reservations Department
* Verify Pet Embargo
o Locations: Phoenix (PHX), Las Vegas (LAS), San Jose (SJC), Sacramento (SMF)
o Temperature: Does not exceed 85F or falls below 45F (All Routes, Any Time)
o Snub Nosed Dogs/Cats
* International Travel:
o FAQ661: General Acceptance of Animals - International Flights
o Please see our International Contract of Carriage.

Booking Restrictions:

* Hawaiian Airlines will ONLY transport domestic dogs / cats / household birds.
*Any other animals are not accepted*
Note: Household birds not allowed Nonstop to Kahului, Maui (OGG).
* If pet/kennel total weight is over 70 lbs / 32 kg, please refer to Hawaiian Airlines Cargo
* Shipper/Owner does not need to be a known shipper.
* Due to new quarantine laws, some animals may be cleared for same day transport to neighbor isles.

Fees Per Kennel:

Within the State of Hawaii $60.00 one way
Between Hawaii / Mainland / South Pacific $225.00 one way

Note: Voluntary stopover - charge point to point

Aircraft Limitations:

* B-717 Aircraft - 3 pets
* B-767/A330 Aircraft - 3 pets

Animal Acceptance on Mainland to Kahului, Maui (OGG) (non-stop) flights

Hawaiian Airlines allows the transportation of dogs and cats from Mainland cities directly to Kahului, Maui (OGG).

Customers may refer to Hawaiian Airlines' Contract of Carriage Rule 200 (Domestic) and Rule 105 (International) for complete animal acceptance details.

General Conditions:

1. Follow normal pet requirements/restrictions, fees and booking procedures.

2. Transportation is only on non-stop Mainland flights to Kahului (OGG).

3. All conditions and fees for dog and cat transport apply.

4. Customers must have Kahului Airport Dog and Cat Inspection Permit.

5. Customer must complete requirements to participate in the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture Direct Airport Release program.
Note: Kahului Airport Dog and Cat Inspection Permits are only issued for pets that meet the
"5-Day or Less" program.


Dogs and cats will be cleared by the veterinarian at the Department of Agriculture building located next to the cargo building.

Customers may refer to the Hawaii government website for details:

* http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/aqs/info
* Checklist for Requesting Direct Airport Release in Kahului:
o This checklist can be found by going to the website listed above, going to the "Hawaii's Animal Quarantine Law" tab then under subheading "Direct Release on Neighbor Islands"


Maximum Weight for Pet and Kennel (Combined):


Maximum 70 lbs/32 kg or less

Maximum Size for Kennel:

* B717
o length 36 inches x width 24 inches x height 26 inches
o length 91.44 centimeters x width 60.96 centimeters x height 66.04 centimeters
* B767/A330
o length 40 inches x width 27 inches x height 30 inches
o length 101.6 centimeters x width 68.58 centimeters x height 76.2 centimeters

Kennel Restrictions:

* Passengers must supply their own kennel
* The Passenger's Name / Address / Phone number at destination must be noted on kennel.
o *No P.O. Box address permitted*
o Hard-sided plastic kennel approved for airline transportation
o (Hawaiian Airlines will not accept a soft-sided, collapsible kennel or all-wire cage).
* Kennel must have adequate handholds to enable lifting without coming in contact with the pet.
* Kennel must have a protecting rim of 3/4 inch to prevent the ventilation openings on transport enclosures from being blocked if placed next to a solid surface.
* Entrance or exit must be securely fastened, or if latching mechanism is used, it must be accident proof.
* Kennel must be large enough for pet to stand lie down and turn comfortably.
* No leash or restraining device attached to the pet.
* Maximum of 1 animal per kennel *and* maximum amount of kennels per passenger based upon maximum allowed per aircraft *and* space availability.
* Water drip bottle is allowed in kennel (Hawaiian Airlines does not feed animal)
* The kennel must have an absorbent material. (blanket, towel, shredded paper, absorbent pad)
* Pet must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless and not require attention during flight.


* Up to 2 dogs or cats (at least 8 weeks old and must be fully weaned, no more than 6 months old) may be carried in one kennel provided they do not exceed a total weight of 25 pounds.
* Carrier will limit the number of containers carried on any flight in order to ensure the safety and well being of any animal transported.

Health Certificate Requirement:

Health Certificate must be signed/issued by a licensed/certified veterinarian.
Passenger must have original for quarantine and copy for Hawaiian Airlines

* Inter-Island
o Not Required
* Mainland to Hawaii
o Original health certificate required/must be dated within 14 days of departure date issued by licensed veterinarian.
o For quarantine information, contact the animal quarantine station in Aiea, Hawaii at 808-483-7151 / 808-483-7171 or contact their own veterinarian for details. For USDA Import Regulations 970-494-7200
* Hawaii to Mainland
o Original health certificate required-must be dated within 10 days of departure date.
o For general import information, passengers may call the center for Epidemiology and Animal Health at 1-970-494-7200 for details
Note: Health Certificate is valid for 30 days from original departure date. If travel is outside of 30 days passenger needs to obtain a new health certificate dated within 14 days of return flight.


* Check-in:
o Web Check-in is NOT available for passengers with special service requests.
o Check-in at Ticket Counter
* Pick up:
o If pet is checked in at counter, pick up at destination will be at baggage claim.
o All live pets arriving into the State of Hawaii will be taken to the quarantine holding station at the Honolulu airport 808-837-8092.

Interlining of Animals:

* Online Flights - Hawaiian Airlines to Hawaiian Airlines
o Inter-island to Inter-island / Trans-Pacific
+ Permitted
o Inter-island to South Pacific
+ Permitted (Please see General Acceptance of Animals - International Flights)
o Trans-Pacific / South Pacific to Inter-island
+ Not Permitted
* Offline Flights - Hawaiian Airlines to Other Airlines
o Interlining of Pets to Other Airlines
+ Not Permitted
o Passengers must connect Pets themselves between airlines

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