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Department of Agriculture
Agriculture House
Kildare St. Dublin 2

In-cabin: Yes EU
Excess baggage: yes EU
Manifest cargo: yes non-eu

The importation of pets into Ireland has always been strictly controlled to ensure that diseases such as rabies are not introduced. A new harmonised EU system of "Passports for Pets" allows cats, dogs and ferrets to travel between EU Member States. This EU Pet Passport certifies that the pet has been identified by means of a microchip and vaccinated against rabies. For travel to Ireland the pet needs a blood test (called an ?antibody titration?) to certify that the rabies vaccination has worked. The pet also needs to be treated for tick and tapeworm between 24 and 48 hours before travel to Ireland. This new system came into effect in Ireland in 2004.

Pets from EU member states (except the UK)

EU PTS Scheme

Pets from all other non-eligible countries

Travel from outside of the EU and Qualifying European Countries
Countries not contained on the list of EU Member States and other Qualifying European countries are deemed Non-EU countries. Animals transported from these countries must be:

- Transported via a Border Inspection Post (BIP) within the EU
- Accompanied by an Annex I form, template can be downloaded from:

- There are no approved BIP’s in Ireland for the import of cats, dogs or ferrets therefore no unaccompanied or traded cats, dogs or ferrets can be transported direct into Ireland from a Non-EU Country.

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