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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance


New EU rules on pet travel were introduced from 1st January 2012. These changes mean that the rules on rabies vaccination for entry into Malta will be in line with the rest of Europe.
A scientific risk assessment has been carried out to find out how the changes will affect the level of risk of rabies entering Malta and other rabies-free countries. The assessment found the risk to be very low.
Dogs, cats and pet ferrets entering Malta from an EU or listed third country from 1 January 2012 must:

be microchipped
be vaccinated against rabies
have waited 21 days after vaccination before entering
have an EU Pet Passport
The previous requirement to carry out a blood test followed by a six-month wait before entry into Malta is no longer required.
From 1st January pets entering from a non-listed third country must pass a blood test 30 days after vaccination followed by a three-month wait.
Until last December, Malta and four other Member States had derogations from EU pet travel rules to allow for additional controls to protect against rabies, ticks and tapeworms.
Malta and other tapeworm-free countries (including U.K.) will retain tapeworm controls, with a requirement that dogs be treated between one and five days before returning to Malta.
Tick treatment for pet animals returning to the Malta will no longer be required. All pet owners travelling abroad with their animals should discuss with their vets the use of treatments, including those designed to control ticks as part of good animal health practice.
Cats and ferrets don`t have to be treated against tapeworms.
Malta, along with Ireland, Sweden and the UK, had an exemption from the standard EU pet travel rules. Their entry rules are now all harmonised with the rest of the EU countries.

*The Pet Travel Scheme applies to pet carnivores only, mainly dogs, cats and ferrets. It does not apply to other pet animals including rabbits, rodents and birds.

Alternatively, contact the Malta Veterinary Services,
Tel: +356 21 225363
Fax: +356 21 238105

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