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Schwarzenburgstrasse 155, CH-3003 Berne

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Switzerland is open to quite a large amount of type dogs and easygoing on regulations regarding owning an animal. The authority is OSAV/BLV in Bern

All information and official documents required for the import/reimport of animals into Switzerland can be found through the Federal Veterinarian Office.

Please consider also the rules concerning the identification of animals in Switzerland.

Rules concerning the identification (german)
Responsibilities of holder (german)
Ear cropping and tail docking prohibited
The re-/import of dogs with cropped ears and/or docked tails into Switzerland is prohibited. Excluded from this general import ban are dogs belonging to owners who are resident abroad and come to Switzerland for holidays / other short stays, or definitively relocate to Switzerland. The custom services check at the time of import if the dogs fulfil these criteria. Information concerning the requirements for a movement to be taxed as a relocation can be found (in German/French/ Italian) under www.zoll.admin.ch. The entry of dogs not fulfilling these criteria is refused. In any case dogs and cats to be imported (definitively) have to be declared to the customs at entry

Re-/ import from countries WITH urban rabies
A permit from the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office is mandatory for the import and re-import from countries which are not free from urban rabies ? see below list of countries with /without urban rabies. The animals are checked by the border veterinarian at entry. Please read attentively the import conditions below (in brief: vaccination against rabies; blood test at least 30 days after vaccination and subsequent waiting period of 3 months; identification with microchip / tatoo; veterinary border check).

Re-/ import from countries WITHOUT urban rabies
No permit is required for the import and re-import from countries free from urban rabies ? see below list of countries with /without urban rabies ? provided that the animals are vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days but not more than 12 months before border crossing. For animals re-vaccinated in regular intervals not exceeding 12 months the 30 day?s waiting period is not applicable. Please read attentively the import conditions below (in brief: vaccination against rabies and 30 days waiting period; puppies/ kittens under the age of three months with veterinary health certificate; veterinary border check only for unaccompanied animals or if more than 3 animals are imported definitively; microchip / tatoo not mandatory).

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