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Share1 Ahmadi

International Vet Hospital
 Veterinarian no1951   Kuwait, Ahmadi, Ahmadi
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Ahmadi, Kuwait

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P.O. Box 9275,
Ahmadi 61003

IVH is the first and only veterinary hospital in Kuwait to offer full veterinary services, dedicated management and state of the art equipment covering animal health. This includes a specialised service for falcons and other exotic birds.

One of the most important aspects of a good veterinary hospital is staff. Our staff is hand picked and are all animal lovers.

The hospital is fully computerised with specialised veterinary software installed so that when you visit the hospital with your pet for the first time we will ask you to register your pet with us, including contact details of the owner. On future visits, our veterinary doctors will be able to look at a full health record. Any tests or x-rays will be recorded and we will remind you when vaccinations are due.

Please look at our list of services on the left and enter this part of the site. This will give you more details on the service that you are looking for.

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