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Bristol Zoo Gardens
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Bristol Zoo Gardens
Clifton, Bristol BS8 3HA
United Kingdom

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  P.A.N. Review
    Review August 2005 by Dan Thorne

I am a regular visitor to Bristol Zoo and think it is very good considering it is enclosed in the city and is small compared to others. They have an improved Asiatic lion enclosure which is rather large, giving plenty of room to the lions. They have a large amount of primates with the monkey house which has red ruffed lemurs, Howler monkeys, Javan langurs, and gentle lemurs. On the lake they have islands which have Squirrel monkeys, ring tailed lemurs, saki monkeys and titi monkeys living on them. The biggest island is inhabited by the family of gorillas and is a massive natural environment for them. They have a section called zona brazil, which is a new home for the tapirs and capybaras. They share this space with Black lion tamerins and Aracaris. Another fantastic place in the zoo is seal and penguin coasts, which has a tunnel going right through both there pools for a great look at them underwater. One of the highlights of Bristol Zoo is Twilight World, which is a place where you can see nocturnal animals awake and moving around there well designed enclosures, such as beautiful sand cats and aye ayes inside. Other mammals at the zoo included hippos, okapis, meerkats and cute red pandas. There is a large reptile house and a aquarium. A great little zoo.

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Bristol Zoo Gardens is a 12 acre site in Clifton that is run by the The Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society, registered charity no. 1104986.

The Society is governed by a Council of 12 members who are elected by the shareholders. The Director and Senior Managers report to the Council on a regular basis.

Awarded ?Zoo of the Year 2004? by the Good Britain Guide, Bristol Zoo Gardens has a continuous reputation for excellence, innovation, and dedication to conservation. It?s the fifth oldest zoo in the world and the oldest outside of a capital city, and a long established major tourist attraction in Bristol.

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