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Gedung Karantina Pertanian
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Animal Quarantine Offices Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Gedung Karantina Pertanian
Tel: +62 21 550-7931
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    Quarantine Documents


Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Quarantine Facility Jakarta Indonesia

Pet animal, i.e. dog and cat, which will be imported to Indonesia, must enter through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. The following documents and procedures should be met before the permission to bring the pet animal into Indonesian territory is granted:

1. The pet animal imported must be accompanied with Import Permit issued by Directorate General Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia

2. The pet animal must have an Animal Health Certificate issued by Authorized Government Veterinarian/Veterinary Service of district of origin by licensed Veterinary Practitioner.

3. The pet animal must have a Rabies Vaccination Certificate issued by Government Veterinarian or licensedVeterinary Practitioner. The vaccination shall have been performed at least 30 days and not more than 1 year prior to shipment/export.

4. The age of the pet animal shall have been 90 days at the time of shipment/export.

5. The pet animal must not be in pregnant and lactation condition.

6. The shipment of the pet animal should be notified to Animal Quarantine Office at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, at least 2 (two) days prior to shipment/export

7. On arrival, a quarantine veterinarian will perform quarantine inspection and verify required documents. If all required documents are found complete and the pet animal is healthy, the quarantine veterinarian will give the order to take the animal into quarantine premises/facility in the airport for further observation.

8. In accordance to prevailing laws and quarantine regulations, the pet animal shall be subjected to quarantine observation for at least 14 (fourteen) days in quarantine facility.

9. For further information select Directorate of Animal or the share buttton right

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