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South Africa
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Pretoria 0001 South Africa

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

South Africa has three entry points for pets Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban.

In-cabin: no
Excess baggage: no
Manifest cargo: yes

complete the form - Application to Import Animals into South Africa in full for each animal you wish to import and send it with the R100.00 fee or proof of payment of the fee to the following address:

The Director of Animal Health
Import/Export Control
Private Bag X138
Pretoria 0001
South Africa

or fax it to : 011 - 27-12-329-8292

Permit Office:
Tel: 011 - 27-12-319-7514
011 - 27-12-319-7414
011 - 27-12-319-7475

All animals and animal products must be transported as manifested cargo under Air Waybill, also in case of transit if transhipment is involved 52 .
Important Notice Concerning Pets Traveling to South Africa from the EU:

Beginning on 1 April 2010, all dogs coming from EU countries must be tested for all five of the following parasites with negative results:

1. Brucella canis

2. Trypanosoma evansi

3. Babesia gibsoni

4. Dirofilaria immitis

5. Leishmania

Please check with transporting airline as to pets not being allowed to travel in the aircraft cabin. ONly as manifest cargo for ZA.

A veterinary import/in transit permit must be obtained from the Director Veterinary Services, Private Bag X138, Pretoria prior to despatch of the pet, and must be valid on the date of entry into the Rep. of South Africa and all required documents must accompany the shipment. Pets need to have microchip implants for identification.

In addition, a health certificate is required stating that the dog/cat: -- comes from an area with a radius of 25 km. free from rabies for 6 months prior to export of the pet; -- was vaccinated against rabies less than 3 years (for cats: 1 year) and 2 months at the latest prior to arrival.

The required health documents, etc. will be checked by a veterinary officer at the cargo terminal of the delivering carrier (or its handling agent) prior to release (or transhipment) of the pet.

Rabies Pets leaving this country may be subject to a rabies blood test

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