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Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, 1117 ZL Netherlands

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
P.O. Box 7700
Schiphol Airport
1117 ZL Netherlands


In the cabin

Only small cats and dogs up to 6 kg (13 lbs) including travel bag or kennel can be taken into the cabin. Your pet should be transported in a hard shell kennel no higher than 20 cm or in an animal travel bag of maximum 115 cm (45 inches) (l + w + h). You can put this under the seat in front of you.

If you wish to take your pet with you in the cabin, you should make your reservation by telephone at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that we allow only a limited amount of kennels throughout the cabin.

Contact KLM Telephone Reservations
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As check-in baggage

Cats and dogs may travel as check-in baggage in a special ventilated part of the aircraft. Your animal must be transported in a kennel which complies with the legal requirements of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Kennels which comply with these standards include those of the 'Sky' and 'Vari' brands. You can purchase such a kennel at larger pet shops or specialist shipping agents. The pet and kennel combined may not weigh more than 75 kg (165 lbs).

If you wish to transport your pet in the hold, you must make your reservation by telephone at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that we can transport only a limited amount of animals as check-in baggage.

We are unfortunately unable to transport animals in the hold on KLM Cityhopper flights which are longer than 2 hours. Between November 1 and March 31 each year, pets cannot be carried in the hold of KLM Cityhopper flights because the baggage hold of our Fokker aircraft cannot be heated.

Contact KLM Telephone Reservations
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As freight

Your pet should be transported as freight by Air France-KLM Cargo if:

* Your pet and kennel weigh more than 75 kg (165 lbs).
* The kennel is larger than 292 cm/115 inches (l + w + h). On some types of aircraft, the kennel must not be larger than 247 cm/97 inches (l + w + h). Contact your travel agent or call us for advice
* The pet is travelling to Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa or the United Kingdom.

Contact Air France-KLM Cargo
Contact KLM Telephone Reservations
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Travel documents and health certificates

A number of documents are required when transporting your pet. These should be in English.

* Your pet needs a valid health certificate signed by a qualified vet. The certificate should be issued between two and eight days prior to departure.
* Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old on the day of travel. Extra rules often apply to pups up to 12 weeks. As these may vary from country to country, we advise you contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to.
* The animal must be accompanied by a valid certificate stating that it has been inoculated for rabies at least 21 days before departure.
* Are you travelling to a destination outside the European Union? If so, we recommend you check with the local embassy in plenty of time regarding the rules and health certificates required when importing pets.
* Pets travelling to or from the European Union must have a microchip or tattoo and an official EU pet passport. This passport should be issued by a qualified vet. It should contain the following details:

1. Name and address of the owner
2. A description of the pet, such as colour of coat
3. Type of identification: microchip or tattoo
4. The date and brand of the rabies vaccine
5. Serological test for rabies
6. Proof of tick treatment
7. Proof of treatment for echinococcus
8. Other vaccinations

Special rules apply to service animals which have been trained to assist passengers with disabilities, or rescue teams. You can request more information from KLM Cares.

Telephone CH: 0848 874 444
Transit : EUR.150
Chat: EUR.200/small animal

As of July 12 2012 a full embargo on all passenger flight and cargo on the following 4 breeds and mix breeds.

1) English Bulldog
2) French Bulldog
3) Boston Terrier
4) Pug

Pitbulls and American Pitbull will still be permitted.

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