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CH-8058 Zurich Switzerland

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    Flight Nice-Zurich-Miami with two dogs in-cabin. The Attendants where very helpful but little communication for settling down with the animals. Very good service. The most help came from the Swissport personnel.

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SWISS International
Air Lines Ltd
CH-8058 Zurich Switzerland

SWISS can fly your pet

Take your special companion along with you when you travel. With SWISS, your pet can travel on all flights.

This site is meant to inform you about the conditions that apply to either form of transport. Please contact SWISS for rates.

Please note that air transportation of animals is subject to a number of regulations which can differ considerably from one country to the next. All necessary documents must be provided in the original, such as: export, import, and transit permits, health or vaccination certificates.

Transport in the cabin:
You can take your pet in the cabin if belongs to one of the following categories:

* Dogs and cats
* Service animals such as seeing-eye and hearing dogs

The animal must fulfil the following conditions:

* It must be clean, healthy, harmless and odourless
* It must not be pregnant
* It must not annoy passengers
* It must not exceed a weight of 8 kg (including soft-sided container)

Please note that your pet must:

* Be booked in advance
* Be kept in a clean, leak-proof, escape-proof and claw-proof, soft-sided container providing enough room for the animal. The pet must be kept in the container (including head and tails) during the whole flight.
* Be kept under your seat during the whole flight

Transport in the baggage compartment as animal in hold
Your pet can travel as animal in hold. In its own kennel your pet travels completely safe and under temperature and pressure conditions that are very similar to those in the passenger cabin. Though you will not be able to visit your pet during the flight, you can be assured that the pilot in command is well aware of his pet-guest in the baggage hold. You can check in your pet at the same time you check in yourself. Please contact us for details on booking, proceedings, and fees for this service.

Animals shipped as cargo
At SWISS, safety and comfort of your pet are top priority. It travels either on the same flight as you or unaccompanied. For many destinations, this might be an economical alternative to the "animal-in-hold" solution. For booking, the exact procedures and applicable fees please contact the SWISS WorldCargo office at +41 1 564 54 54.

The container:
For the well-being of your pet, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published standards regarding quality, design, and minimum size of the container/kennel. In the interest of our pet-guests, we strictly adhere to these rules.
Please attach the tag "Live Animals" issued by IATA to the container.

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