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11-1, Haramachi, Isogo-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa
235-0008 Japan

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Dogs and Cats: prior to entering Japan, the Animal Quarantine Bureau of Japan must be notified at least 40 days prior to scheduled arrival of pet in Japan, who will then issue a document known as Approval of Inspection of Animals".

A pet must be:

- Fitted with a microchip (identification of the pet and the export health certificate will be checked by the microchip number. If the microchip does not conform to ISO Standard 11784 and 11785, a microchip reader to read the microchip number should be provided);

- Kept in any of the designated regions (see below) for the past 180 days, since birth or since bringing out of Japan;

- Confirmed no case of rabies infection in the country or territory during the past 2 years;

- Shown no clinical sign of rabies, (leptospirosis for dogs) immediately before departure.

Dogs and cats arriving directly from the designated regions (see below) will be released from quarantine within 12 hours if meeting the requirements above.

The quarantine period of dogs and cats arriving from all countries or areas other than the designated regions (see below), will be within 12 hours if the following requirements are met:

- Fitted with a microchip, and vaccinated twice against rabies with an inactivated vaccine;

- Carried out a blood test at a laboratory approved by the Japanese government, showing a required level of rabies antibodies;

- between 180 days and 2 years elapsed after the blood test. In case 180 days have not passed at arrival, the pet will be detained in a quarantine facility to make up for the days in shortage;

- Given subsequent rabies booster vaccinations and shown no clinical sign of rabies, (leptospirosis for dogs) immediately before departure.

A pet that does not meet the above requirements shall be kept for 180 days in quarantine.

Designated Regions: Australia, Chinese Taipei, Fiji, Guam, Iceland, Ireland (Rep. of), New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, U.S.A. (Hawaii only).

For detailed information and other animals, visit the web site of the Japanese Animal Quarantine Service or contact one of the AQS offices below:

Headquarters (Yokohama): +81-45-751-5921; Narita office: +81-476-34-2342; Nagoya office: +81-52-651-0334; Kansai office: +81-724-55-1956.

Birds: A written notification for importation should be submitted after arrival to the quarantine station of ministry of health, labour and welfare responsible for the airport of entry.

The notification form should be accompanied by the following:

- certificate issued by the government authorities of the exporting country or a certified copy thereof (a photocopy is not acceptable);

- identification of the consignee;

- copy of the airway bill concerning importation of the birds.

Non-compliance will result in deportation to place of origin or execution of the birds.

For detailed information visit the web site of the ministry of health, labour and welfare Japan, Narita airport office: +81-476-32-6708; Chubu airport office: +81-569-38-8192; Kansai airport office: +81-724-55-1298; Fukuoka airport office: +81-92-477-0207

Animal Quarantine Service MAFF
11-1, Haramachi, Isogo-ku,
Yokohama, Kanagawa
235-0008 Japan
Tel: 81-45-751-5921

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