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Echelon Square, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Main airline for Sri Lanka

SriLankan Airlines Limited
Level 22, East Tower WTC Building
Echelon Square, Colombo 1
Colombo 00100
Sri Lanka


Live animals except dogs, cats, household birds and other pets will be accepted for carriage subject to Carrier's regulations.

Domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and ornamental fish can be accepted for carriage as checked baggage. Animals of an unusual size or nature such as monkeys, snakes etc. cannot be carried as checked baggage. They shall only be processed through SriLankan Cargo.
Except for Service Animals "seeing-eye/hearing dogs" no other animals or pets can be accepted in the aircraft cabin. Such pets are only allowed in the Business and Economy Class Cabin along with the accompanied passenger free of charge.
Any other pet other than a Service Animal (seeing-eye/hearing dog"), the total weight of the pet and the container along with any food items should be charged at the normal excess baggage rate irrespective of the Free Baggage Allowance.

Acceptance of pets for carriage is subject to passenger assuming full responsibility for the animal. SriLankan Airlines shall not be liable for injury, loss, delay, sickness or death of the animal/bird in the event it is refused entry into transit points and/or the destination.
Please check with your Ticketing agent as conditions apply.
Service Animals (Seeing Eye/Hearing Dogs)
Service Animals (Seeing Eye/Hearing Dogs) can only accompany passengers whose vision or hearing is impaired and s/he is actually dependent on the dog.
Such a dog is permitted in the Business and Economy Class cabin at no extra charge. However, IATA Live Animal regulations shall apply for the carriage of the animal.

Prior to travel
Notify SriLankan Airlines at least 48 hours before departure
Check-in for the flight at least 3 hours prior to departure
Passenger must be prepared to provide credible verbal assurance that the animal is providing a service to assist with a disability
Must ensure that the accompanying dog will not need to relieve itself during the flight or that the passenger can adequately manage the dog's waste without creating any health and sanitation issue on the flight. Must bring whatever absorbent or other material required for this purpose.
Must ensure that the passenger prepare the dog for the flight by exercising the dog and limiting its fluid intake before the flight
Note: 1
The Service Animal, however, cannot be seated where it may obstruct aisle or emergency exit area or affect leg space of the passenger seated adjoining. If the Service Animal cannot be accommodated at the seat location along with passenger, due to Service Animal is disruptive or too large to fit under the seat or at the passenger's feet without encroaching on another passenger's space or protruding into the aisle, it will need to travel in a kennel (provided by the passenger) in the cargo hold free of charge. The kennel must meet IATA kennel and size requirements for the animal to ensure temperature restrictions are met for the safety of the Service Animal. Only one Service Animal is permitted to book and travel on a flight. Always check with the Ticketing Agent.
Note: 2
Since SriLankan Airlines has a limitation in certain aircraft cargo holds in accommodating Live Animals due to heating conditions, in order to avoid disappointment, it is extremely important that the Service Animal is booked within the given stipulated time lines in case the Service Animal needs to be load in the cargo hold.

SriLankan Airlines will not be responsible for the health and wellbeing of the Service Animal while it is accompanying the passenger in the cabin. The owner must assume all risks of injury, sickness and/or death to the dog before, during and after the flight.

Health Requirements
The passenger is fully responsible to comply with customs and other government requirements of the destination and any transit points along with valid vaccination certificates, import/export/transit permits etc... is a must to be presented at the time of reservation. In the event the dog is refused entry into any country involved in the passenger's journey due to documents not being in-order, the airline has no liability.
Passengers having onward connections should get confirmation from the onward airline(s) that the Service Animal will be accommodated for beyond travel as SriLankan Airlines only holds responsibility in carrying the Service Animal on UL operated sector(s).

Conditions of Acceptance
The dog must be properly muzzled and harnessed. It must be well behaved, inoffensive, clean and odourless and the leash of the dog must be secured to the owner's seatbelt at all times during flight.
It is not allowed to move in the cabin and is expected to be seated near the passenger. Absorbent material should be placed under the dog so as to prevent soiling of the aircraft floor.
Service Animals (Seeing Eye/Hearing Dogs) are accepted for carriage in the aircraft cabin or hold free of charge.

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