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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE

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Founded as an airline in 1985. It now flies to 142 destinations in 80 countries across six continents, home base in Dubai and beyond.


United Arab Emirates Dubai (DXB) Abu d'habi (AUH)

Part of the transport conditions

Pets must be above 24week (6months) in order to travel on Emirates. Coming from France blood test obligatory

8.10 Animals

We will not accept an animal for carriage unless you have applied for, and obtained, our prior approval and you meet all of the
following conditions and our applicable Regulations:

8.10.1 The animal must be properly crated (with necessary supplies of food and water) by you in a suitable container for
carriage in the cargo hold of an aircraft in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.

8.10.2 The animal is accompanied by, and we are shown, valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits, transit
permits, exit permits and other documents required by countries of departure, entry or transit.

8.10.3 You have paid the charges applicable to containers with animals inside, unless the animal is a service animal.

8.10.4 Unless carriage of your animal is covered by the liability rules of the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention,
we will not be responsible for its loss, injury, sickness or death unless caused solely by our negligence.

8.10.5 If an animal is carried by us without being accompanied by all the certificates and permits required by Article 8.10.2,
we will have no liability to you for any loss you may suffer and you will pay or reimburse us (on request) for any fines, costs,
losses or liabilities imposed on or incurred by us as a result of the absence of one or more required certificates or permits.

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