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203 Coward Street, Mascot, Sydney

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Information below is only for guidelines and may change at anytime, always contact the right authorities or the right affiliate for help and guidance

Qantas Airways Ltd.,
Qantas Centre
Building A
203 Coward Street
Mascot, Sydney
New South Wales 2020 Australia

Travelling with Pets

With the exception of service dogs, pets cannot be carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.

If travelling on a Qantas operated Australian domestic service (QF400 and above) pets can be considered part of your free baggage allowance, subject to the exceptions below.

If you are booked on an international flight (QF001-QF399) or a domestic sector of an international flight, or if you are not travelling on the same aircraft as your pet, your pets cannot be carried as free baggage. You must send your pet pack as freight and pay the applicable freight charges.

All pets must be contained in a pet pack on arrival at the passenger terminal. Pets on leads are not permitted.

Subject to the exceptions below, for a pet pack to be considered part of your baggage:

* You must be holding a confirmed reservation;
* You must lodge your baggage at the passenger terminal at least sixty (60) minutes prior to departure; and
* The pet pack must conform to the standards listed below.

Only small and medium sized pet packs qualify as part of your free baggage allowance. All other pet packs must be lodged directly with a freight company at the freight terminal and will incur a fee. Qantas recommends Australian air Express.

You will be required to pay excess baggage charges if your baggage, including your pet pack, exceeds the free baggage allowance. There is a limit of two (2) pet packs (no larger than the medium pet pack) per passenger, subject to normal baggage allowances. Additional pet packs will be sent as airfreight and you will be required to pay the applicable freight charges.
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* Qantas reserves the right to refuse to carry any animal for any reason, including:
- Safety or security reasons
- To comply with any applicable law, regulation or order
- If the person in charge of the animal has not complied with our directions
- It might cause inconvenience to other passengers
- It might cause undue discomfort to the animal
* Pets are not permitted inside the Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Gove, Hobart, Karratha, Perth, Port Hedland and Townsville passenger terminals. All pets must be lodged with a freight company at the freight terminal and you will be required to pay the applicable rate for the carriage of the pet. When pets are travelling to any of these destinations they must be collected from the freight terminal at the arrival destination.
* Different rules may apply for QantasLink services. For details, please contact Qantas Telephone Sales.
* Fresh water (aquarium type) live fish must be sent as freight in all cases. For information contact Australian Air Express. Live fish in salt water cannot be carried.

It is advisable to ensure that the container will meet these requirements prior to the day of travel.

Small (equivalent to one unit of baggage)

* Made of plastic material with absorbent mat and suitable for cats and small dogs up to small terrier size.
* Size: 56cm in length / 30cm wide / 38cm in height
* Maximum weight (including pet) : 15 kg

Medium (equivalent to two units of baggage)

* Made of polypropylene material with absorbent mat and suitable for dogs up to cocker spaniel size.
* Size: 66cm in length / 40cm wide / 52cm in height
* Maximum weight (including pet) : 20 kg


For larger pets you must supply an approved crate, which meets the following criteria:

* Wire mesh - minimum of 8 standard wire gauge
* Escape proof hinges and latches
* Bottom covered with a leak proof galvanised tray with corners and edges soldered and rolled up to 9cm
* Tray bottom to be covered with absorbent material to avoid leakage
* Show crates must be adequately locked. it is the customers responsibility to provide adequate locks for the crate
* Must not exceed 84cm in height

Alternatively portable kennels or a small container may be accepted provided the construction and ventilation is considered adequate and it meets all size restrictions and general criteria.
Acceptance of Animals and Pet Packs

An animal and/or container will not be accepted when:

* The container is not sufficiently sturdy or is in disrepair and the animal is likely to escape
* The container or animal is unclean
* The animal appears diseased
* The animal is unduly savage
* The container could cause injury or suffering to the animal
* The container fails to meet the RSPCA regulations that the animal must be able to:
- Stand up straight
- Lie down without being cramped
- Turn around within the crate/kennel

Quarantine Requirements

Quarantine regulations apply for international destinations and for Tasmania, Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, and Thursday Island. Qantas Telephone Sales and other freight offices will provide general information on the carriage of birds, cats and dogs. For specific information, contact the applicable state or country quarantine office.

The above information is intended as a guide only. Please check details with Telephone Sales prior to departure.

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