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Quay Tower, 29 Customs St. West, Auckland - New Zealand

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Air New Zealand Limited, Private Bag 92007, Level 19, Quay Tower, 29 Customs St. West, Auckland - New Zealand

Travelling with Pets
Find out about how Air New Zealand can help you transport your pets to a new destination.

Flights within New Zealand

Domestic pets (cats, dogs and small caged birds only) up to 32kgs (total combined weight of animal and cage) can travel as checked in baggage on all domestic services and will be charged at NZ$50. Pets weighing more than 32kgs (animal and cage) can only be carried on jet services at a cost of NZ$75. The weight of the animal and cage will not be included in your checked baggage allowance.

To ensure we can offer you this service, please let your booking agent know at the time of making your reservation, that your pet will be travelling with you. Please remember carriage of pets is subject to availability of space on the aircraft.

If you want your pet to travel unaccompanied, download the Pet Factsheet below that gives details of pet transporters.

International flights

On international flights, pets are not permitted as checked in baggage and must travel as Cargo.

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