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  Airport Malta

Main entry point for pets into Malta

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Ninoy Aquino International
  Airport Manila

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  Airport Schiphol

Main entry point for pets into the Netherlands

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Denver International
  Airport Denver

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Roland Garros
  Airport Saint-Denis

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Bucharest Otopeni
  Airport Bucharest

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Suvarnabhumi Bangkok
  Airport Bangkok

Main airport for entry of all pets into Thailand

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  Airport Honolulu

Main entry point for pets entering Hawaii, quarantine requirements

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Chicago Ohare International
  Airport Chicago

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San Diego Airport
  Airport San Diego

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Los Angeles International
  Airport Los Angeles

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San Francisco International
  Airport San Francisco

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Houston airport
  Airport Houston

Main entry airport for international pet travel

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Palma de Mallorca
  Airport Palma de Mallorca

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Cork Airport
  Airport Cork

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Maya-Maya Airport
  Airport Brazzaville

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Dallas Fort Worth International
  Airport Dallas

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  Airport Mauritius

Main entry point for pets, quarantine required

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Dubai International
  Airport Dubai

Dubai airport, entry and transit for thousands of pets. Animal Station available.

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Geneva Airport
  Airport Geneva

Geneva 2nd port of entry for Switzerland has two animal stations, Cantonal for EU and Federal for tiers.

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Yangoon International
  Airport Yangoon

Main entry point for pets into Myanmar

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Johannesburg O.R. Tambo
  Airport Johannesburg

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Abeid Amani Karume International
  Airport Zanzibar Island

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Bandaranaike International
  Airport Colombo

The main international airport serving Sri Lanka for importing pets

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Nausori International
  Airport Suva

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Malabo International
  Airport Malabo

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Felix-Houphouet-Boigny International
  Airport Abidjan

views no50
Lome International
  Airport Lome

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Diori Hamani International
  Airport Niamey

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London Heathrow
  Airport Heathrow

Your Journey Starts Here.

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  Airport Edinburgh

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Funafuti International
  Airport Funafuti

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  Airport Tasmania

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  Airport Auckland

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  Airport Avarua

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Nice aeroport
  Airport Nice

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Port Stanley
  Airport Stanley

main entry port for Stanley

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Lanzarote Arrecife
  Airport Arrecife

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Kathmandu Tribhuvan
  Airport Kathmandu

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Moi International
  Airport Mombasa

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Sydney airport
  Airport Sydney

Entry for pets can only be done via Melbourne

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  Airport Melbourne

Main entry port for pets, all pets enter to the quarantine station in Melbourne

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  Airport Kuwait

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Piarco International
  Airport Piarco

Servicing Trinidad for import of pets

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A.N.R. Robinson International
  Airport Tobago

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Detroit Metropolitan
  Airport Detroit

Entry port for flights on Lufthansa direct from Frankfurt

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Atlanta Hartsfield
  Airport Atlanta

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Ted Stevens Anchorage
  Airport Anchorage

Main entry for travelling pets. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is a major airport in the U.S. state of Alaska, located 4 nautical miles southwest of downtown Anchorage

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Fairbanks FAI
  Airport Fairbanks

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Forth Lauderdale International
  Airport Forth Lauderdale

Entry for pets from Asia or Middle East

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